Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bumper Stickers

This summer I have been travelling alot and in my many hours on the road in Virginia and beyond I have encountered some of the most ridiculous bumper stickers I have ever seen. Here are just a few examples of what I have witnessed, in order of how much I hate that particular sticker:

10) "Support Frodo Baggins"
9) "Sodomy Smells Bad"
8) "Angostic" (Did they spell "Agnostic" wrong?)
7) One that said NOBAMA with a red, circular void sign over it (I guess double negatives don't apply to bumper stickers)
6) "Capitalism Sucks" (I wonder what paid for that car AND that sticker)
5) "Virginia is for F***ers"
4) "Ron Paul for Dictator" (ironic..?)
3) One that was shaped like a dead fetus
2) "Baby Jesus Cries When You Don't Use Your Turn Signal"
1) One that said "Gore/Lieberman 2000" was on a 2006 Honda Accord

It's not that I don't think Tibet should be free, nor is it that I hate elementary school honors students, rather, the reason I loathe these symbols of tackiness is because I am sure they contribute to more accidents than drinking, texting, and changing the radio COMBINED.

Don't believe me? The next time you are driving down the highway and you see a car littered with bumper stickers, try and not focus all of your attention on reading all of the ridiculous messages on them. With any luck you won't skid off the road or be voting for Al Gore in an election that happened six years before the car was made.
(By the way, this photo was taken in Texas by my sister, Allison)