Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now YOU Can Be A Hater Too!

If you look on the right sidebar you will notice a new feature called "Are You A Hater Too?" Show your loyalty to Things Steve Hates by adding yourself as a Follower...all you need is a Google, Yahoo! or AIM ID. Don't worry, there aren't any updates or spam or anything; adding yourself is just something fun to do.


Also, for a limited time you can upgrade to Platinum Level for a nominal fee of $29.99 per month! This package includes a Things Steve Hates T-Shirt, an exclusive Things Steve Hates bumper sticker or coffee mug, a Steve plush toy that names the things it hates when you pull its cord, and a lunch date with Steve, your favorite blogger, at a restaurant of your choosing!

PayPal is the preferred method of payment, although you can also send Steve a check made out to CASH (which stands for "Currently A Serious Hater").

Hurry, this offer expires at midnight tomorrow!

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