Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things Steve Loves: Billy Mays

What do you get when you combine the charm and beard of Al Borland with the entrepreneurial spirit of Donald Trump? You get Billy Mays, the father of the modern infomercial, a captain of industry, the purveyor of useless crap that sits in the garages and cabinets of millions of Americans.

Billy Mays passed away this morning in his home. The fumes from OxyClean won't be able to quell the tears of his adoring fans, nor will Mighty Putty be able to able to hold their broken hearts together.

We all have learned many lessons from this beautiful, beautiful man in his short time here on this earth. If you call in the next ten minutes you WILL get a free set of kitchen knives and sometimes in life if you wait...there is more.

But most of all, we have learned to take things little by little. Why undertake something all at once when you can do it with simple, little monthly installments (plus shipping and handeling).

You will be missed, William D. Mays, Jr. You are in a better place now, and we are stuck with that ass-clown Vince Shlomi.

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