Monday, April 6, 2009

The Shamwow Guy

You know that weird kid from high school who could quote Bible passages and always handed out pamphlets telling you the end of the world was coming? Well, this is that guy, six nervous breakdowns and a whole lotta cocaine later.

Vince Shlomi, as he is known, is one jacked up guy and I hate him for several reasons:

5) In the infomercials he appears to be about 30 years old and a decent looking guy. However, the guy is a wrinkly, old geezer, having cursed this world on which he has walked for a whopping 45 years!

4) His double-entendres are NOT funny.

3) He played a Fetus Salesman in his movie Underground Comedy Movie. What the hell is a fetus salesman?

2) He punched a hooker several times and got off with no charges! Who does the think he is, a professional basketball player?

1) His product, the Shamwow, fared better than Billy Mays' product, Zorbeez. No one one-ups Billy Mays and lives for very long.

Vince Shlomi: Fetus Salesman

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