Saturday, March 21, 2009

As Seen On TV

You stroll the aisles of Target looking for shampoo to control that dandruff of yours that keeps you from garnering the attention of that cute girl in chemistry class. You glance over the Head and Shoulders, the Selsun Blue, and the generic brands, trying to decide what one will get the job done best. All of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a certain brand of shampoo fills an entire row. You go up to it and instantly you are in love.

It is that shampoo you saw on that commercial!

You go up to the counter, pay for it, drive home as fast as possible to test it out, and run up to the shower to test it out. Two hours later, your hair is flakier than ever.

Thats what you get for buying an "As Seen on TV" product.

The real question is not whether the product was going to work or not. We all know there is a better chance of George W. Bush getting a third term than one of these products actually working. The real question is WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE BUY THIS CRAP!

You would think that with iPods, DVDs, the internet, and crappy blogs like this one flooding the minds of Americans, there would be no chance that putting the word "TV" on something would actually sell something.

I'll end this post with this:

If I ever get my hands on the person responsible for "As Seen on TV" he will be sorry, because instead of going out with that girl from chemistry, I am sitting here, blogging, and scratching my head to get all of the flakes off.

<------ Sorry, lady, but this "As Seen on TV" toilet cleaner is pretty "crappy!"

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