Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sims

There is a certain thing people do when they fail at real life.

They make virtual lives.
The Sims has been a popular computer game for the past decade, winning many awards and causing thousands of nerds to actually have hope. Well I hate it!

Aside from nerds, The Sims attracts another group of people: kids. And there is only one real reason why kids play this computer game...they want to see if they can get the people to have sex with each other.

Yes, I said it. And you know I'm right. You create a husband and wife, keep the house clean to make them happy, get them to kiss each other. You may even look up cheat codes. Then, all of a sudden...BAM! You try to get them to make sweet, passionate, virtual love.

Of course, while you are doing this all of your friends are outside playing football or a "cool" video game, yet you are so mesmerized that you sit on the computer for hours trying to get the couple to do it while your social life goes down the toilet.

Guess what? Now, that your social life has gone down the toilet, you have nothing better to do than play some more of The Sims, and the company that makes the game knows this. They have like 40 expansion packs. It's a death trap people...stay far away from The Sims.


  1. does this mean you hate world of warcraft too??

  2. Well if dwarves and wizards can doink each other in WOW, then yes...I hate that too.