Friday, March 20, 2009

Complimentary Breadsticks

In my family, going out to eat at a restaurant is a big deal, as we do so only two or three times a year. As little kids, my siblings and I would always get excited when we would go to get food. However, when we would get back home after eating I would always have a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively ;) ) because of a certain restaurant staple

The complimentary breadsticks.

The complimentary breadstick has only two uses known to man:

1) It can be used as a weapon when you fight with you brother while the food is cooking.

2) It is loaded with salt, butter, and carbohydrates and fills you up so much you don't have any room for your dinner.

Now, put yourself in my shoes for a minute...You are an eight year-old kid who hasn't been to a restaurant in like six months. All you want is a big, juicy hamburger and 3/4 of a pound of the crispiest french fried you could possibly imagine.

But you had to fill up on the breadsticks, didn't you?

Well, in six months you can try again.

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