Friday, March 27, 2009

Wikipedia Haters

Once in a generation an invention comes along that is so revolutionary, so life changing, and so beneficial to society that it cannot be ignored.

First came the wheel, then the plow. Later on we had the steam engine and the Furby. Today, we have something far greater: Wikipedia.

When you need to get a little nugget of info about the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for a project that is due tomorrow what do you do? Read Brittanica? Nope, gonna take too long. Go on Facebook and ask some nerdy kid you know? Hell no. He is probably the reason people call Wikipedia inaccurate. You go to and BAM; you get immediate results, if you need to cite a source you pick some random link listed at the bottom of the page and since your teachers do not check sources anyways, you get an A and pass the class so now you parents get off your back about going to college so you don't have to stay at home on Saturdays and do homework while everyone else is out doing things which means you live a better social life and can associate with people which means you won't grow up to be a serial killer which means you will never have a trial before a grand jury so the "would-be" jurors can go to work which means their place of employment will be more productive and WE WILL PULL OURSELVES OUT OF THIS RECESSION!

Screw economic stimulus packages. All we need is some good ol' Wikipedia for everyone!

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